7 Dispute Resolution

7.1 Types of disputes | 7.2 Senior review | 7.3 Conciliation | 7.4 Conciliation conference | 7.5 Workers' Compensation Independent Review Service | 7.6 Medical panel | 7.7 Magistrates' Court & County Court | 7.8 Cost of disputes

WorkSafe aims to minimise disputes by consistently applying claims assessment and management procedures. However, if a dispute arises, it is in everyone’s interest to resolve it quickly and fairly to avoid litigation.

Disputes can arise when there is disagreement between the worker and the Agent about:

Escalation options when a dispute arises

Disputes can be resolved by:

Disputes relating to death claims, common law claims, compensation for maims and determinations of impairment are not required to be referred to conciliation.

Management of litigated statutory benefits

The responsibility for managing litigated statutory benefits claims should be undertaken by a suitably qualified person/s (technical).

Legally qualified Agent staff have overall responsibility for managing litigated access to information requests.

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