Reasonable costs

(2) In this Division, reasonable costs, in relation to a service (including modification of a car or home), burial or cremation means an amount —

  1. that is determined by the Authority, employer or self-insurer as a reasonable cost in relation to that service, burial or cremation having regard to —
    1. the service or provision actually rendered and
    2. the necessity of the service or provision in the circumstances and
    3. any guidelines made by the Authority and published on its website in respect of services or provisions of that kind and
  2. that does not exceed the amount (if any) specified in or an amount determined in accordance with a method specified in, an Order of the Governor in Council

"Order of the Governor in Council" means an Order made on the recommendation of the Authority and published in the Government Gazette specifying an amount, or an amount determined in accordance with a method specified in the Order as the maximum amount of costs payable in respect of a service (including modification of a car or a home) or a burial or cremation, being a maximum amount that is not less than the amount of the fee specified in a Table within the meaning of the Health Insurance Act 1973 of the Commonwealth applicable in respect of a service of that kind provided in Victoria.

(3) Guidelines made by the Authority for the purposes of paragraph (a)(iii) of the definition of reasonable costs in subsection (2) apply in relation to the cost of a service, burial or cremation provided or carried out after the making of the guidelines, irrespective of the date of the injury.