7.3 Conciliation

7.3.1 Conciliation service | 7.3.2 Request for conciliation form | 7.3.3 Notification of conciliation | 7.3.4 Documentation required for conciliation | 7.3.5 Prepare for conciliation | 7.3.6 Disputes about provisional payments

The aim of conciliation is to resolve disputes and avoid litigation. The worker can request conciliation if there is a dispute between the worker and the Agent and/or employer about the worker’s claim.

See: Conciliation service


The worker must request conciliation:

  • in writing, by completing and signing the Request for Conciliation form
  • within 60 days after the notice of decision was served on the worker.

Forms are available from the Agent, the Conciliation Service, some unions and service providers. For a sample of the form see Request for conciliation form

Note: The worker can apply to the Senior Conciliation Officer to ask that a late lodgement be accepted.

Conciliation Service

The Conciliation Service will usually convene a conference within 40-50 days of receiving a request for conciliation.

Note: A fast-tracked conciliation process exists for disputes relating to provisional payments for a mental injury.

See: 7.3.6 Disputes about provisional payments.

The Conciliation Service sends the Agent:

  • a letter acknowledging receipt of the conciliation request
  • a copy of the Request for Conciliation form
  • copies of relevant documents submitted by the worker and any other information relevant to the dispute.

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