7.9 Arbitration Service

7.9.1 Eligibility for arbitration | 7.9.2 Worker makes a Referral for Arbitration | 7.9.3 Agent or self-insurer notified of arbitration | 7.9.4 Preparing for the initial hearing | 7.9.5 Legal and other representation at arbitration |7.9.6 Arbitration hearings | 7.9.7 Arbitration determinations | 7.9.8 Referral to Medical Panel | 7.9.9 Arbitration costs|

The WIRC Act Workplace Injury Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 2013 provides for the arbitration of certain disputes if they have not resolved following conciliation. The Workplace Injury Commission (WIC Workcover Injury Commission) has been established to:

  • provide fair and fast resolution of disputes in an informal, inexpensive and timely way

  • provide injured workers choice and an alternative pathway to the court.

A WIC Arbitration Officer (AO) will manage the dispute between parties. An AO must conduct arbitrations impartially and independently. An AO can also be a Conciliation Officer but they can’t conciliate and arbitrate the same matter.



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