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5.1 Worker RTW obligations

5.1.1 Agent to assess worker's reasonable efforts | 5.1.2 Warning notices | 5.1.3 Suspend weekly payments | 5.1.4 Terminate weekly payments | 5.1.5 Cease and Determine | 5.1.6 Worker interview process

Workers who have an incapacity for work need to:

  • make reasonable efforts to actively participate and cooperate in planning for return to work
  • actively use an occupational rehabilitation service (where relevant) and cooperate with the provider of that service
  • actively participate and cooperate in any assessment of their capacity for work, rehabilitation progress or future employment prospects
  • make reasonable efforts to return to work in suitable employment or pre-injury employment at the worker’s place of employment or at another place of employment
  • participate in an interview with a representative of WorkSafe to enhance the worker’s opportunities to return to work.

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