Occupational rehabilitation service

(1) Under the legislation, unless inconsistent with the context or subject-matter —

occupational rehabilitation service means any of the following services provided by a person who is approved by the Authority as a provider of an occupational rehabilitation service —

  1. initial rehabilitation assessment
  2. functional assessment
  3. workplace assessment
  4. job analysis
  5. advice concerning job modification
  6. occupational rehabilitation counselling
  7. vocational assessment
  8. advice or assistance concerning job seeking
  9. vocational re-education
  10. advice or assistance in arranging vocational re-education
  11. advice or assistance in return to work planning
  12. the provision of aids, appliances, apparatus or other material likely to facilitate the return to work of a worker after an injury
  13. modification to a work station or equipment used by a worker that is likely to facilitate the return to work of the worker after an injury
  14. any other service authorised by the Authority —

but does not include a hospital service.