5.1.6 Worker interview process

The legislation allows an Agent to invite a worker who has an incapacity for work to participate in an interview to enhance the worker’s opportunities to return to work.

This interview can occur at any time during the life of a claim.

Purpose of worker interview

A worker interview A worker who has an incapacity for work, must as required by the Agent, participate in an interview with the representative of the Agent for the purpose of enhancing the worker's opportunities to RTW. is conducted to optimise the worker’s opportunities to return to work.

It can:

Agent arranges a worker interview

Agents must provide workers with a minimum of 14 days written notice of an interview time and place. An earlier time can be arranged by mutual consent over the phone.

Regardless of the method of arrangement, the Agent must outline the following points in writing to the worker:

  • the purpose of the interview
  • the time and place of the interview
  • that the worker must participate in an interview and that they can be represented, assisted and supported at any stage of the return to work process including the consultation process and workers interviews with the Agent.

Parties who accompany a worker to a worker interview cannot seek payment for attending.

OR provider at worker interview

An OR Occupational Rehabilitation provider is not required to participate in a worker interview. An OR provider who attends a worker interview cannot seek payment for attending the interview.

Interview location

The worker interview is conducted face-to-face with the worker where possible.

The worker interview may be arranged at any location suitable for both parties. It may be at the Agent, THP Treating Health Practitioner or provider’s office or the worker’s place of employment. Ideally, the interview location should be arranged by mutual agreement.

Interviews conducted by telephone

If it is not practical for the worker to attend a worker interview in person the Agent may conduct the interview by telephone. This may occur if the worker:

  • is based in a regional location and the Agent has no regional office
  • has mobility issues that prevent them from attending the interview in person.

If the worker chooses to have a support person present, a telephone interview should only be conducted if the worker has access to a telephone with speaker functionality to allow the worker’s support person to participate.

Worker’s travel costs for attending a worker interview

A worker may seek reimbursement of reasonable travel costs to attend a worker interview.

See: Worker RTW or training travel

Agreed actions following an interview

Actions to be taken after the worker interview are documented by the Agent. The Agent nominates who will be responsible for each action and provides a copy to the worker in writing within five working days of the interview using the ‘Interview Outcome Letter – Worker’ template.

OES or NES services approved following an interview

If the worker interview was conducted to help determine whether the worker would benefit from OES or NES, the Agent should advise the worker of their decision within five working days of the worker interview.

Worker interview after OES or NES services have commenced

An Agent may also arrange a worker interview with the worker during OES or NES if there is concern that the worker is having difficulties returning to work or is not participating in the services.

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