Urgent repairs out of business hours

From 1 January 2018, workers requiring urgent repairs of essential rehabilitation equipment will be able to contact a Contracted Equipment Supplier outside of business hours, with the service pre-approved by WorkSafe up to a $1,000 threshold.

When is a repair urgent?

When the worker’s mobility or safety is at risk The probability of the worker not returning to work is known as the risk or risk factor. For example: if a worker is likely to return to work, the claim is categorised as low risk. and the equipment requires urgent servicing to perform to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Note: urgent repairs must be differentiated from emergencies and workers should contact emergency services in any emergency situation.

Types of equipment that qualify for urgent repair
  • wheelchairs (powered and manual)
  • powered scooter
  • electric hoist
  • electric bed
  • alternating air pressure care mattress
  • commodes
  • feed pump
  • respiratory - ventilator & suction

Pre-approved repairs only apply to equipment purchased from the Contracted Equipment Suppliers or equipment purchased through the WorkSafe Equipment Purchasing Team. Pre-approved repairs do not apply to equipment purchased directly by the worker. Pre-approved repairs exclude any repair done under warranty periods or conditions.

What if cost of repair exceeds $1,000

If the repair is required outside of business hours and it is essential to ensure the worker’s immediate safety, WorkSafe will cover the reasonable cost of the repair without prior approval. If the repair is requested during business hours and exceeds $1,000, the Contracted Equipment Supplier is required to submit a quote to WorkSafe for review.

After hours contact for urgent repair

Workers can contact a Contracted Equipment Supplier directly for urgent after hours repairs.

See: List of suppliers for urgent after hours repairs

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