2.7.6 Cost of independent medical examinations Travel expenses to an independent medical examination | Travel expenses payable for workers

The costs of independent medical examinations are subject to various rates. There are separate rates of payments for the different categories of medical practitioner IMEs and allied health IMEs.

The fees indicated on the fee schedules represent the maximum amount WorkSafe will pay for a range of IME Independent Medical Examiner / Independent Medical Examination services and are inclusive of incidentals such as postage and courier services. IMEs have agreed to accept WorkSafe rates for their services when seeking approval.

Fee schedules

See: Independent medical examiners

Non-attendance or cancellation fee

An IME can charge a non-attendance or cancellation fee. Verify whether the IME was given enough notice of the cancellation.

The fee schedule will apply for independent medical examinations.

Please refer to the independent medical examinations - medical practitioner service fee schedule.

Travel expenses

An IME can only charge a travel fee subject to the Agent’s prior approval. Only request an IME to travel to a requested location under exceptional circumstances.

For exampleClosed Where a worker who resides in a regional area is unable to travel and where there are no IMEs with the required medical expertise in close proximity to the worker, then the travel fee may be applicable.

An IME cannot be paid for travel expenses between their nominated practice locations, unless prior approval at Agent's discretion.

For exampleClosed If an IME conducts independent medical examinations in Ballarat and Melbourne and has nominated these addresses as two practice locations the IME should not be paid for travel expenses when travelling between these two locations. Travel expenses to an independent medical examination

A worker’s travel expenses in attending an independent medical examination, independent impairment assessment (IIA Independent impairment assessment) or a Medical Panel Under the legislation, unless inconsistent with the context or subject-matter — Medical Panel means a Medical Panel constituted under Division 2 of Part 12 examination must be paid at the rate approved by WorkSafe.

See: Travel expenses payable for workers

The components that can be reimbursed, if applicable, are:

  • the cost of the transport ie train fare, per kilometre rate for private car
  • car parking
  • CityLink and EastLink tolls
  • meals and accommodation
  • time lost from work in attending the medical examination.
Conditions of reimbursement

Pay the reasonable costs of travel if:

  • the worker provides receipts or in the case of the use of a private motor vehicle, provides a letter stating the number of kilometres travelled
  • it is confirmed that the worker attended the medical examination
  • these expenses are the worker's expenses only, eg there is no provision for the expenses of a person accompanying the worker to be paid and
  • a worker is required to take time off work they must provide a written statement from their employer declaring the gross amount of wages lost in attending the examination.
Paying reimbursement for loss of wages

The Agent must reimburse the employer direct for the amount of lost wages.

It is the responsibility of the employer to deduct the appropriate taxation amount and forward the net wages to the worker.

Prepayment of travel expenses

Interstate travel

Prepayment of the travel expenses can be made if requested by the worker and where the Agent considers the request reasonable such as interstate travel. Use the pre-payment form.

When the cost of the economy fare has been ascertained, payment can be made in one of two ways, either:

  • the Agent books and pays for the ticket and arranges for the ticket to be sent to the worker or
  • a cheque is made out to service (for example: airline or train) and sent care of the worker, so that the worker can book the ticket.

International travel

Refer to IMEs for overseas workers - claims management.

Where WorkSafe has endorsed returning a worker who resides overseas to Australia for IME examination(s) including independent impairment assessments (IIAs), reasonable costs associated with travel can be paid including return flights (economy air fare), any visas required to enter Australia, and reasonable costs of travel insurance (e.g. baggage loss, ill health).

Payment can be made in one of two ways, either:

  • a cheque is made out to service provider (e.g. airline or travel agent, embassy, or travel insurance provider) and sent in care of the worker, so the worker can book the ticket, arrange the visa and/or arrange the travel insurance.
  • the worker can be reimbursed for the reasonable costs of the visa, travel insurance and economy flights. For flights, the Agent also has the option of booking and paying for the ticket and arranging for the ticket to be sent to the worker.

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The reasonable travel costs can be reimbursed to a worker who attends the Medical Panel or attends an independent medical examination or an independent impairment assessment (IIA).

See: Fee schedule for travel expenses

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