2.8 Investigations & Compliance

2.8.1 Role of private investigations | 2.8.2 Process for investigations | 2.8.3 Surveillance guidelines for Agents | 2.8.4 Potential scheme abuse and non-compliance | 2.8.5 Offences under legislation

One of the objectives of the legislation is to ensure appropriate compensation is paid to workers in the most socially and economically appropriate manner, as expeditiously as possible.

Scheme abuse and non-compliance

Agents have an important role in detecting scheme abuse and non-compliance, for example, an employer failing to comply with WorkCover obligations. Agents have a key role in maintaining the integrity of the scheme and ensuring that stakeholders meet their obligations under the legislation.

Agents are responsible for:

  • using claims alerts in the claims management process to identify possible risks and/or the need for further investigation
  • notifying WorkSafe's Enforcement Group of suspected scheme abuse or non-compliance with the legislation.
Types of investigations

Private investigators (PIs) carry out investigations on behalf of WorkSafe. The two types of investigations carried out are:

  • circumstance (factual) investigations - the purpose of these investigations is to determine the facts surrounding an injury
  • surveillance (activity) investigations - the purpose of these investigations is to establish a worker's current activities and capabilities.

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