6.5.8 Other information

Agent receives early notification of a physical injury

There are no legislative obligations on employers to provide early notification for physical injury only claims, however WorkSafe encourages it.

  • If early notification (Part A) is received on a physical injury only claim, the Agent should enter the details into ACCtion, but not complete the claim registration.
  • The claim registration should be completed upon receipt of both parts A and B.
Worker is not entitled to provisional payments

Where a worker has claimed for a mental injury, and the Agent then determines that the worker is not entitled to provisional payments:

  • the "Worker not Entitled to Provisional Payments" letter in Novus specifies the reasons for this decision
  • the claim for compensation must still be determined in accordance with legislative timeframes and WorkSafe policy
Disputes about provisional payments

If the worker has a dispute in relation to provisional payments, the worker can use normal dispute resolution processes. A fast-tracked dispute resolution process will exist for disputes relating to provisional payments.

See: 7.3.6 Disputes about provisional payments

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