5.5.2 Cost of OR services

OR Occupational Rehabilitation services are paid at a fixed fee or at an hourly rate. The OR service fees are automatically indexed on 1 July each year.

Fixed fees or hourly rates are inclusive of OR provider administrative costs, including travelling time to and from the place where the services are provided. However, OR provider travel may be payable as an additional service cost.

OR provider invoice requirements

On receiving an OR provider invoice, the Agent should ensure that the services and the amount being requested have been approved.

The Agent should refer to their OR Approval form and any Funding Requests from the OR provider that they have approved and the ACCtion payment profile.

The Agent can make payment when the OR provider invoice includes the following:

  • the OR provider organisation’s ABN Australian Business Number and address details
  • the OR provider number (e.g. ORP999A or ORP999B)
  • the invoice number and date of invoice
  • worker’s name, claim number and date of injury (or alternatively the worker’s date of birth)
  • injury employer’s name
  • the name of the OR provider who delivered the service
  • the date of the service
  • the name of service item
  • the service code (RC code)
  • the cost of the service item.

Note: The OR provider number must be ‘ORP’ followed by three numbers and an alphabetic reference reflecting the provider location where the OR services were delivered from.

Where the OR provider has provided multiple days or hours of the same service code during the period relevant to the invoice, the OR provider may choose to summarize and include one entry of that service code and one service date instead of submitting an invoice with multiple service entry lines and service dates. The exception is invoicing for travel service items, which must be itemised with no aggregation across service dates.

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