Taxi billing

Direct billing taxi services are for workers who have an ongoing need for taxi travel. This service can be arranged for up to three months with a booking service provider.

Agents should encourage booking service providers to invoice the Agent for services and not the worker where possible.

*Please note that 13CABS is not the only booking service provider, all booking service providers who meet the policy requirements may register and service injured workers who are approved for travel. Please speak with the provider to determine the best billing methods.

13CABS billing process

The following process is for 13CABS direct billing service process only when the worker chooses 13CABS. Please contact the workers provider preference to determine best billing and approval process.

See: Assess request for travel expenses

By Step Agent action
Agent Notify worker Notify the worker by letter. This letter details the approved destinations as advised to 13CABS.
Agent Notify 13CABS

Complete the Taxi Travel Approval form with:

  • case manager details
  • worker’s details (name, claim number, phone number)
  • approved travel addresses (pick up and drop off)
  • number of approved trips
  • approval start and end dates
  • specific requirements such as wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Fax form to 13CABS on number 03 9568 2803.

13CABS Notify worker

On receipt of the form, 13CABS sends a letter to the worker with the booking procedure and trip codes (a copy is sent to the Agent).

13CABS issues worker with a separate code for each one way, approved journey. Each code is valid for the number of trips approved by the Agent.

Worker Book taxi

The worker:

  • calls 13CABS
  • quotes the code for that trip.

The code and trip destination must match. Otherwise the worker will need to make their own travel arrangements and seek reimbursement.

Workers must not arrange travel direct with a driver.

Drivers will only travel to approved destinations (listed on the Taxi Travel Approval form) with no detours.

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