Check for 30% whole person impairment ICRP

Specific rules apply to determine the percentage of whole person impairment to ensure a worker is eligible to apply for an ICRP Intensive Case Review Program settlement A lump sum payment that replaces an injured worker's right to ongoing weekly compensation..

Assessment of impairment ICRP

To have their impairment assessed, the worker must:

Psychiatric impairment ICRP

The Agent must combine any primary psychiatric assessments with the assessment of physical impairments if all the following apply:

Workers covered by ICRP, who have not had a psychiatric impairment assessment, can apply in writing to the Agent for an assessment.

To combine assessments, the Agent must use the combined values chart on pages 322 to 324 of the Guides Fourth Edition.

See: Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment Fourth Edition

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Exclusions from primary psychiatric assessment ICRP

Where a worker has applied for psychiatric impairment assessment, this further assessment does not entitle the worker to the:

  • reassessment of previously assessed physical injuries
  • assessment of additional physical injuries.

Limitation to further assessment

The results of any further assessments made by a Medical Panel can only be used to determine the worker’s degree of permanent psychiatric impairment resulting from the work-related injury.

Combined whole person impairment ICRP

Whole person impairment is calculated using a combination of the:

  • final physical whole person impairment value (after the independent impairment assessor has combined multiple physical injuries as required)
  • primary psychiatric whole person impairment figure.

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