Collection of treating practitioner reports

In some circumstances, a worker’s legal representative may collect a worker’s treating medical history before lodging a claim.

Protocols for the collection of a worker’s treating medical reports have been developed, in consultation with plaintiff lawyers. The aim of the protocols is to streamline the claims management process including the provision of a full treatment history to the independent impairment assessor.

See: Impairment assessments | Impairment Benefit Protocols

Step Agent action
Receive request The worker’s solicitor may write to request a copy of all treating doctor reports on file.
Send treating doctor reports to solicitor

Provide the solicitor with the treating doctor reports.

Forward the worker’s solicitor a Solicitor’s Inquiry Form (SIF) for completion by the worker. The purpose of this form is to find out from the worker which doctors have been consulted for treatment of the affected body part/s.

After completion of the Solicitor’s Inquiry Form, the worker’s solicitor may decide to collect additional medical reports from the worker’s treating doctors. In certain circumstances the solicitor can be paid for this in line with the protocols.

It is usual for the solicitor to forward the completed Solicitor’s Inquiry Form to the Agent and write to confirm that they will provide the reports as listed rather than have the Agent request these on the worker’s behalf.

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