No disadvantage compensation

The Total Loss Table can be found in the legislation.

The purpose of the no disadvantage table is to ensure that all total loss injuries are compensated regardless of the level of whole person impairment as assessed by the AMA Guides Fourth Edition.

See: No disadvantage compensation table

Total loss

Compensation is payable for the total loss of any body part, system or function listed in the Table.

Total loss should be considered in the context of the complete failure of the body system or function.

The meaning of total loss is extended by the legislation to mean the permanent and total loss of the use of a body part. This extension is limited to limb, hand, foot, finger, thumb, toe or joint or part thereof.

For claims where total loss is determined after 1 July 2011

Total loss compensation for claims lodged after 1 July 2011 is to be paid at the date of the relevant injury and indexed in line with the Consumer Price Index.

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