3.9.4 Alter a worker’s weekly payments

Follow these steps when a worker applies to alter their weekly payments.

Step Agent action
Receive worker request to alter weekly payments

Worker advises the Agent that they have calculated an amount incorrectly or that the PIAWE is incorrect. The worker needs to supply enough information to verify the application.

If the worker has not supplied enough information to verify the application, contact the worker and request that the information is provided as soon as possible.

Review calculation

If a worker claims that the Agent has calculated an amount incorrectly, the Agent must manually calculate it to verify the system calculated amount.

See: Calculate PIAWE

If the figures differ, Agents must check the details.

Request employer to provide information

If the worker claims that the employer’s PIAWE amount is incorrect, ask the employer for details of the calculation, including deductions from gross earnings.

The Agent may act on verbal advice from the employer, however:

  • conversations must be clearly documented on the file
  • ask the employer to immediately confirm the details in writing.

View relevant documentation including:

  • the worker’s contract, award or agreement
  • payroll records.

The employer is required to:

  • supply details of the basis on which the PIAWE was calculated including details of deductions from the gross earnings
  • immediately confirm verbal advice in writing. Verify the employer’s calculations of PIAWE are correct.

See: Calculate PIAWE | Overtime & shift allowances

Approve application

If the worker’s application to alter weekly payments is approved, update records, correct errors and record file notes.

Give written notice of the decision to the worker and the employer within 28 days.

The written notice must state:

  • the new amount of weekly payments and when it is effective from
  • if the new amount of weekly payments varies from the amount claimed by the worker in the application, the reasons for the variation must be stated in the notice.
Reject application

Write to the worker within 28 days to reject the application if:

  • the worker has failed to provide enough information to enable the Agent to assess the application or
  • the application is rejected stating the reasons for the decision. The Agent must also give the employer written notice of its decision. The worker’s right to a review of the decision must also be included in the notice.

The notice must also set out WorkSafe’s calculations of the worker’s entitlements so that the worker may reapply if the information is inaccurate.

See: Written notice of alteration/termination

Worker may seek review of decision

If the worker considers that the information is inaccurate, they:

  • may reapply
  • have the right to a review of the decision.

See: Dispute resolution

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