3.9.13 Transition Support Service


The Transition Support Service (TSS) supports injured workers who are no longer entitled to benefits under the workers’ compensation scheme. Agents should provide information to workers about external services that may assist them to manage their finances, health and social needs independently of the scheme.

Injured workers should be provided information and offered transition support at each of the following stages of the worker’s claim:

  • when reaching 70-80 weeks paid/payable
  • when approaching 130 weeks paid/payable and where an adverse decision has been made as part of the second entitlement review
  • where weekly payments are terminated at any time, and the worker’s PIAWE is less than or equal to $750 per week (PIAWE as calculated at the date of the decision)
  • any other time the agent considers it necessary
How to provide transition support to workers at each stage of the claim

Stage: approaching 70-80 weeks paid/payable

The Agent should make phone contact with the worker to discuss the legislative requirements to review the worker’s entitlements, and send a copy of the "second entitlement frequently asked questions” fact sheet to all workers.

Stage: when an adverse decision has been made, and (a) the claim is either approaching 130 weeks paid/payable or (b) the worker’s PIAWE less than or equal to $750 regardless of week count

At the time the worker is advised of the adverse decision or within one week of the adverse decision, the Agent must:

  • direct the worker to the transition support information included in the adverse decision letter and on WorkSafe's website. If the worker cannot access the website, Agents should provide the information by other means, such as email or mail.

  • advise the worker they can request more transition support information or assistance. If requested by the worker, an appropriately experienced person at the Agent must provide tailored support.

All discussions with workers should be recorded clearly in Novus contacts including a summary of the conversation with the worker.

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