3.9.1 Reducing weekly payments

The Agent may reduce the weekly payment amount on the grounds that:

  • there is a change in the worker’s work capacity
  • the worker enters a different entitlement period (‘step down’)
  • in the case of a worker who has a CWE Current Weekly Earnings, the CWE amount alters
  • payments for overtime or shift allowances are no longer included in the worker's PIAWE
  • the worker is receiving a non pecuniary benefit (NPBs) as part of their remuneration package (deductible amount).

Weekly payments are reduced:

See: Entitlement periods

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No alteration if worker on paid annual leave or long service leave

If the worker’s CWE are reduced because the worker is on paid annual leave or paid long service leave, the Agent must not alter the worker’s weekly payments by reason only of that reduction.

Send a notice of alteration

Agents are to send a written notice before weekly payments are reduced.

See: Written notice of alteration/termination

If weekly payments not reduced at end of first entitlement period

If an Agent identifies a claim where weekly payments have not been reduced at the end of the first entitlement period they must:

  • reduce the rate of weekly payments for the correct entitlement period
  • issue a reduction notice.

Note: The reduction in weekly payments cannot be backdated and takes effect from the date specified in the notice.

Pre 12 November 1997 claims

Reductions to pre 12 November 1997 claims occur at 26 weeks.

See: Pre 12 November 1997 claims - weekly payments

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