3.6.1 Agent obligations when a Centrelink preliminary notice is received

When a preliminary notice A preliminary notice is issued by Centrelink indicating that they have an interest in the worker referred to in the notice and may wish to recover an amount equal to all or part of the amount payable. This notice places an obligation on WorkSafe/Agent to notify Centrelink prior to releasing any weekly payments to the worker. WorkSafe/Agent is to advise Centrelink within seven calendar days of accepting liability for weekly compensation or receiving the notice if liability has been already been accepted, whichever is the later. has been issued by Centrelink for a claim incident/injury, the preliminary notice is valid for the life of the claim regardless of:

  • when the preliminary notice was received
  • whether there has been a recovery paid previously on the claim.

Where a preliminary notice has been received on a claim, Agents are required to notify Centrelink before weekly payments are paid or reinstated or before a common law settlement A lump sum payment that replaces an injured worker's right to ongoing weekly compensation. including pecuniary loss A loss of earning capacity is made.