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The following heading and sub-headings provide a listing of all the services recorded within the High Risk Work Training and Assessment Directory. You may choose to search for a service provider by selecting an entire category, or you can search for a specific service from one of the categories
Scaffolding and Rigging
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  • Basic Scaffolding

  • Intermediate Scaffolding

  • Advanced Scaffolding

  • Dogging

  • Basic Rigging

  • Intermediate Rigging

  • Advanced Rigging

  • Pressure Equipment
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  • Standard boiler operation

  • Basic boiler operation

  • Intermediate boiler operation

  • Advanced boiler operation

  • Turbine operation

  • Reciprocating steam engine operation

    Crane, Hoist and Fork Lift Truck
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  • Tower Crane Operation

  • Self-Erecting tower crane operation

  • Derrick crane operation

  • Portal Boom operation

  • Bridge and gantry crane operation

  • Vehicle loading crane operation

  • Non-slewing mobile crane operation

  • Slewing mobile crane operation (up to 20 tonnes)

  • Slewing mobile crane operation (up to 60 tonnes)

  • Slewing mobile crane operation (up to 100 tonnes)

  • Slewing mobile crane operation (Open/over 100 tonnes)

  • Reach stacker operation

  • Boom-type elevating work platform operation

  • Materials hoist (cantilever platform) operation

  • Hoist (personnel and materials) operation

  • Concrete placing boom operation

  • Fork-lift truck operation

  • Order-picking fork-lift truck operation