7.6.2 Examples of referrals to the medical panel

Here are some examples where a referral to the Medical Panel Under the legislation, unless inconsistent with the context or subject-matter — Medical Panel means a Medical Panel constituted under Division 2 of Part 12 can be made.

Assessment of impairment

If a worker does not accept the impairment assessment, the Agent must make a referral to the Medical Panel to assess the impairment.

Compensation after second entitlement period

For workers with a date of injury before 5 April 2010 and who has made an application for weekly payments to continue beyond the second entitlement period and the Agent is not satisfied that the worker meets the legislative criteria, must be referred to the Medical Panel.

For workers with a date of injury on or after 5 April 2010, disputes must be referred by the worker to the Conciliation Service. However, where the dispute involves a medical question the Conciliation Officer must refer the medical question to the Medical Panel.

Court referrals

The Courts must refer medical questions to the Medical Panel for an opinion when requested to do so by a party to the proceeding.

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