7.4.4 After conciliation

The objectives are to ensure:

  • timely compliance with conciliation outcomes
  • effective ongoing management of claims after the conciliation process is complete
  • that employers are fully informed of the conciliation outcome and compliance requirements.
Post conference review

The Conciliation Outcome form in Novus is to be completed setting out what occurred at the conference as well as the details of any agreements made. The appropriate tasks within the conciliation process are to be created.

If there is confusion about the details of the outcome the Agent is to seek clarification from the Conciliation Officer.

Employer involvement

The Agent is to contact the employer within two working days of the conference to ensure that the employer understands the conference outcome and is aware of actions they are required to take.

If an employer refuses to comply with the agreed or recommended outcome without a valid reason, the Agent must notify WorkSafe’s Enforcement Group within five working days of the date of outcome.

Note: Public holidays are excluded in the calculation of relevant timeframes.

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