Compensation tables - amounts payable

The amount of compensation for impairment benefits is calculated by applying the assessed percentage of impairment to a mathematical formula. The mathematical formulas are set out in the legislation and the indexation may vary based on the worker’s date of injury or the relevant date for assessment of entitlement.

See the compensation tables for the actual amounts of compensation payable for different dates of injury and differing levels of impairment or total loss.

Physical impairment

See: Compensation table for physical impairment | Compensation table for modified Chapter 3 impairment | Compensation table for Chapter 3 SPINE impairment | Compensation table for hearing loss

Psychiatric impairment

See: Compensation table for psychiatric impairment

Total loss injuries

See: No disadvantage compensation table

Statutory maximum compensation

See: Maximum amounts for more than one injury

For details about using these tables – see: Determine & calculate IB entitlement

Maximum impairment benefits

The maximum impairment benefit payable for injuries sustained on the same occasion is $713,780 (indexed annually).

Maximum no disadvantage benefits

The maximum no disadvantage benefit for total loss injuries sustained on the same occasion is set at $351,700 (indexed annually).

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