Create notice of entitlement

Follow these steps to create a notice of entitlement.

Step Agent action
Contact the worker in writing

After receiving the IIA report/s, before the 120th day from the date of receipt of the IB claim notify the worker in writing of:

  • the decision to accept or reject liability for each injury included in the claim
  • each of the determinations as to the degree of permanent impairment (if any) of the worker and whether the worker has an injury which is a total loss mentioned in the table resulting from the injury or injuries for which liability is accepted
  • the calculation of any entitlement to compensation
  • the worker’s rights of review (eg Medical Panel/Conciliation).
If a worker is legally represented

If a worker is legally represented, provide the worker’s solicitor with a copy of the IIA reports, including correspondence exchanged with the impairment examiner.

This must be done at the same time as processing the Notice of Liability and Entitlement.

If a worker is not legally represented

If a worker is not legally represented, provide the worker's primary treating medical practitioner (usually their general practitioner) with a copy of all the impairment reports, including any medical reports, correspondence and other documents provided to and received from any medical practitioner who has conducted an impairment assessment.

It is recommended that the treating medical practitioner inform the worker of the content of the impairment assessment report/s.

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