IB Claims lodged after employer exits Victorian scheme

If an IB Impairment Benefits application is received for an injury which has been incurred after the employers exit from the Victorian scheme, the Agent is to return the IB application to the worker/worker’s representative with an explanation detailing that the injury date falls outside the coverage by the scheme.

Liability determination

If a claim for compensation is received after the employer has exited the scheme, with a date of injury before the employer exiting the scheme, the liability determination should be made in line with Guidelines to determine liability.

For the assessment and calculation of entitlement of impairment benefit claims - see: Hearing loss | Impairment assessments

Claim for gradual process impairments – date of injury

If the Agent receives a claim for a gradual process injury follow the procedure set out in Calculate gradual process injuries.

New IB claims lodged where the injury occurred before the exit date

WorkSafe will provide weekly reports to the Agent on new IB application lodged where the injury occurred before the employer exited the Victorian scheme.

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