Responsibilities of the panel firm

The panel firm is appointed by WorkSafe's Dispute Management Division. For information on when the panel firm investigates the death claim.

See: Guidelines for claims for Compensation following the Death of a Worker | Approved panel firms

General responsibility

The panel firm:

  • manages the conduct of the claim
  • arranges a conference where practicable with the dependent’s representatives within 30 days of the later of:
  • the lodgement of the claim
  • being advised of who is representing the dependent
  • facilitates the early and prompt exchange of relevant information and documents
  • arranges a peer review with WorkSafe and Agents where appropriate
  • provides advice and recommendations to the Agent about the management and resolution of the claim
  • manages any litigated Magistrates’ Court or County Court process.

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Panel firm makes recommendations

The panel firm investigates the claim and makes recommendations after determining:

  • the worker’s death arose out of or in the course of employment which resulted in or materially contributed to the worker's death
  • in the case of a disease or aggravation of a pre-existing condition or heart attack or stroke injury, the worker’s employment was a significant contributing factor to the injury or disease
  • the dependant/s is eligible to claim entitlements as a result of the work related death if the dependents have established dependency.

The panel firm must obtain the documentation to establish:

For information on what documentation the panel firm should obtain - see: Guidelines for Claims for Compensation following the Death of a Worker.

Where possible the panel firm should provide documentation requested by the dependent’s legal representatives.

Legal costs

Where a dependant or claimant A person who applies for WorkCover benefits. has legal representation and there is:

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