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Circular No: 2022/03

As soon as possible, and after discussions with the employer, the family member or representative must be contacted by:

Note: the WorkSafe FLO or Coordinator - Death and Dependency Claims or a funeral director appointed to handle the burial arrangements may be able to provide details of next of kin or family representative.

Contact family member

The WorkSafe FLO (or Agent as required) must contact the family member Family member means a partner, parent, grandparent, sibling or child of the worker or of the worker's partner to:

  • offer support and guidance for their emotional, financial and community needs (including consideration of the Bereavement Support Service)
  • discuss potential entitlements
  • if the family member agrees, arrange an appointment for a home visit
  • gather information and/or documents for potential Immediate Support payments
  • explain how to lodge a dependency claim and the claims process and timeframes.

This can be done over a number of contacts.

The Agent must deliver a copy of the WorkSafe Family Companion information pack to the relevant family member.

See: Entitlements

Offer to visit employer and family member

The WorkSafe FLO (or Agent as required) must offer to visit the family member or representative to:

  • deliver the Family Companion information pack
  • help complete necessary forms
  • help collect supporting documentation
  • provide advice and information about claims processes.
  • offer access to the Bereavement Support Service

For information on relevant supporting documentation – see: Guidelines for Claims for Compensation following the Death of a Worker.

Appointments for a home visit with the deceased worker’s family must be made with the consent of the family. It may be that the family is not ready for a visit and may ask for it to take place later; the family’s wishes must be respected.

Home visits may be anywhere in Victoria. The visits may be scheduled at the venue of a third party such as the family lawyer or funeral director.

The Agent may also offer to visit the employer.

Forward information

If not provided at the home visit, the Agent must immediately forward:

Bereavement Support Service

Bereavement Support Services are available from 27 January 2022 for any family member or loved one impacted by a workplace death. As this is a service, not an entitlement, a separate claim for compensation does not need to be made to receive this service.

The service is provided by a Bereavement Support Worker (BSW) who will:

  • “walk the journey” with the family member and provide emotional and practical support;

  • undertake a non-clinical assessment of their needs and develop a tailored support plan including navigation of systems and processes and coordinated grief and bereavement support; and

  • become the central point of contact, complementing the roles of the FLO and FSS

Two external providers have been secured by WSV for this service. An information guide is available to assist workers in their selection of provider.

Agent referral process
Activity Agent Action
Discuss Bereavement Support Services (BSS)

Upon notification of any potential work-related death, the Agent should inform the family and extended members of the service. The family member selects from one of two BSS providers.

Obtain consent

Obtain consent of each family member and pass on the following information to the BSS using the Client Referral Template:

• Name

• Contact number/email

• Name of deceased and circumstances of their death

Forward to WorkSafe Refer the above information to the selected provider and Cc bereavement.support@worksafe.vic.gov.au
Bereavement Support Service The BSS will then allocate a BSW to contact the family member within 1 business day of receiving a referral. The FSS or FLO will receive confirmation of the BSW assigned to the family, with a copy sent to bereavement.support@worksafe.vic.gov.au
Client Disengagement Process

The BSS will advise the Agent and/or FLO (and Cc the Bereavement Support inbox) when a family member has disengaged from the service, e.g. where the family member:

  • has chosen to no longer proceed with Bereavement Support Services; or

  • been determined by the provider to no longer require Bereavement Support Services

Dependency entitlements

If the Agent believes a claim may be lodged for dependency entitlements (particularly weekly pensions), the Agent should also forward:

  • Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration forms for each dependant
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) forms (should the dependant want to receive pension payments directly into their bank account).

If an employer receives information from the Agent, the employer, in turn forwards:

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