5.9.6 Worker Assistance Scheme About the Worker Assistance Scheme (WAS) | WAS payments About the Worker Assistance Scheme (WAS)

The Worker Assistance Scheme (WAS) helps injured workers start a job with a new employer. It is a one-off payment made to a worker upon starting new employment.

It provides financial assistance of $221.07, indexed annually as outlined below, to a worker who:

  • has secured at least 8 hours per week of ongoing employment with a new employer.

WAS payments are provided to help the worker buy items they need for their new job. The payment is not to be used for items or equipment that the employer is obliged to provide .

Agents can email questions about WAS to occupational_rehab@worksafe.vic.gov.au.

Who can access WAS

A worker can access WAS if:

  • they can work (have a CWC Current Work Capacity), and

  • while participating in NES they secure new employment, and

  • their new employment is a role that WorkSafe recognises as appropriate , and

  • the role involves at least 8 hours of work per week and is ongoing.

A worker can’t access WAS for:

  • self-employment, or

  • employment in a company where they are a director or board member of that company.

A worker can access up to 5 WAS payments for each claim – once for each time the worker starts working for a new employer (that they have not been previously employed by).

Steps involved in a WAS payment

1. Employment secured: During NES, a worker secures ongoing employment of at least 8 hours per week with a new employer.

2. WAS payment form completed: The occupational rehabilitation (OR Occupational Rehabilitation) provider helps the worker complete and submit the WAS payment form.

3. WAS paid: Agents process WAS payments after they have received a WAS payment form and verified the worker has accepted an offer of new employment. The worker is paid directly.

See: WAS payments WAS payments

WAS payments are paid against the worker's claim and are included as part of the injury employer's claim costs. This means WAS payments may affect the injury employer's WorkCover insurance premium.

Agents should use payment code 220 and item number RC 410 when paying WAS.

GST & indexation

WAS payments are:

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