5.9.4 NES service by claim stage

The NES New Employer Services model allows for flexibility to ensure workers with and without a continuing entitlement to weekly payments receive services that best meet their needs.

Utilisation of subsequent 130 week vocational reports

Subsequent 130 week Vocational reports (RC505) can be utilised after a worker has reached 90 weeks of paid / payable compensation when a TSA has been previously conducted on the claim.

Continuing entitlement post 130 weeks

TSA can be utilised for workers with or without a work capacity as a flexible option for exploring vocational and training opportunities.

Entitlement to weekly payments ceases

When an entitlement to weekly payments ceases:

  • a minimum of 28 weeks of NES should be provided / continue (any complination of TSA, CSS and JSS) for NES that commenced prior to termination or
  • a referral directly to JSS may be considered (for example: where the worker has an IME Independent Medical Examiner / Independent Medical Examination work capacity only) post termination.

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