5.9.2 Transferable skills analysis (TSA)

A TSA can be used for workers who have no capacity for employment based on treating practitioner certification and IME Independent Medical Examiner / Independent Medical Examination opinion.

TSA can be useful where:

  • there is medical evidence (IME and/or T/D) to indicate that there is a potential for a CWC Current Work Capacity in the short term
  • the worker has expressed an interest in identifying potential employment options and RTW Return to Work
  • the Agent feels that a TSA will be the catalyst in commencing RTW discussions with the worker and treater and facilitating capacity change.

The purpose is to identify transferable skills and potential vocational options to help set strategies, engage the worker and certifying practitioner and test work capacity with the certifying practitioner and/or IME.

After referring for a TSA:

  • OR Occupational Rehabilitation provider will complete assessment within 10 days of referral
  • OR provider will submit RC816 invoice with report/within 10 days of report submission
  • Agent will hold case conference within two days of receipt of report to determine strategy ie commencing CSS, retraining etc
  • OR provider to be involved in conference by phone or in person.

Note: A TSA should not include a labour market analysis. If this is required an appropriate 130 week vocational or supplementary vocational assessment should be requested.

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