5.4.4 Respond to requests for further information

A worker may request more information about return to work, the calculation of the employment obligation period as it relates to their claim, or the employer’s obligation to provide suitable or pre-injury employment (1) In this Part — pre-injury employment means the employment of a worker in a position which is the same as or equivalent to the position in which the worker was employed before receiving the injury.

This may include information about how the estimate was calculated and what information it was based on.

The worker may also ask for a more accurate estimate of the period elapsed.

To respond appropriately, the Agent will, in most cases, need to seek additional information from the worker or the employer about the worker’s capacity for work over a period of time. Agents must inform the worker that to provide a more accurate estimate the Agent will need further information about the worker’s capacity for work from:

  • the worker (eg copies of certificates of capacity retained) and/or
  • the employer.

Note: This process does not limit an Agent’s normal claims management practices and communications with employers about the obligation to provide employment.

Obtaining additional information from the employer

When contacting the employer to obtain the necessary information Agents use the Obligation to Provide Employment: Request to employer for detailed information.

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Re-estimating the period of the obligation elapsed

If the Agent has the additional information required, the Agent must re-estimate the time elapsed of the employment obligation period.

See: Inform worker when an estimated 30 weeks of the obligation has elapsed

Provide additional information

Initial call

Wherever appropriate, Agents should seek to discuss the matter with the worker by telephone before providing the information in writing. Refer to - Inform worker when an estimated 30 weeks of the obligation has elapsed for detail of factors to take into account when undertaking this communication.

In writing

The Agent provides this information to the worker within two weeks of receipt of the information, noting that the estimate is accurate based on the available information.

The Agent sends the Obligation to Provide Employment: Detailed information to worker. Including the details of what the estimate has been based on.

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