5.3.4 Refer claim to RTW inspectorate

Gather information

Agents gather information before referring a file to the RTW Return to Work Inspectorate for investigation or advice.

Gather the following information and attach it to the worker’s file:

  • copy of current Certificates of Capacity
  • written RTW planning information
  • written notices issued to the employer about providing suitable employment and/or undertaking RTW planning and consulting
  • written correspondence from the employer detailing reasons for not providing suitable employment and/or undertaking RTW planning and consulting activities
  • workplace assessment documentation and/or reports
  • requests for the worker to undergo further medical examinations
  • other documentation regarded as relevant to the file assessment.

Record details of information provided by the employer that is not in writing on the worker’s electronic claim records. This includes how and when the information was provided. A printout of relevant details is placed on the claim file.

RTW compliance checklist

A RTW Compliance Checklist is completed. Information gathered as described above is attached to the checklist.

Send to RTW inspectorate

The checklist and information gathered is forwarded for review by:

RTW inspectorate

These are the steps that the RTW Inspectorate follows after a claim is referred by an Agent.

Step RTW Inspectorate Action
Assess information Assess the information provided by Agents with regard to non-compliance.
Liaise with Agent At completion of their assessment, inform the Agent of the outcome or offer advice on action to take. Depending on the circumstances, this may be completed by a RTW Inspector or the Enforcement Group.
Inspect or investigate If an inspection by a RTW Inspector or an investigation by the Enforcement Group is instigated, Agents will be updated on the outcome of the inspection, investigation and/or prosecution.

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