5.2.5 Make RTW information available

Employers have an obligation to make relevant RTW Return to Work information available to all workers.

For detailed information on this obligation refer to Compliance Code 3 of 4: Return to Work Information.

Mandatory RTW information

RTW information that an employer must make available to their workers includes:

  • the RTW obligations of the employer
  • a statement from the employer about how they are meeting the obligations
  • information about the rights and RTW obligation of workers
  • information for workers on how they can obtain further information about these obligations
  • the name and contact details of the authorised Agent selected by the employer
  • the name and contact details of the RTW Coordinator, where one exists
  • the procedure to resolve RTW issues.

Additional information

Although not mandatory, employers are strongly encouraged to include information on the following within the RTW information package:

Consult with workers

Employers must consult with their workers as to how this information is to be made available to workers. The information could be displayed in writing, placed in prominent locations within the workplace, distributed via a workplace newsletter and/or discussed at a staff meeting.

A worker may be represented, assisted and supported at any stage of the RTW process, including in the consultation process. A worker may choose any person (except a legal practitioner Legal practitioner means an Australian legal practitioner within the meaning of the Legal Profession Act 2004) to perform this function. If a worker has chosen an individual to represent, support and assist them, the employer liaises with this person throughout the RTW process.

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