5.7.2 Allied health practitioner RTW case conference


See: Policy for Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Exercise physiologists, Occupational therapists or Social workers

Fee schedule

WorkSafe item codes for allied health practitioner RTW Return to Work case conferences (based on a 30 minute meeting) are:

Treating health practitioner RTW case conference

A treating health practitioner (THP Treating Health Practitioner) RTW case conference is a face to face meeting between the:

  • THP/s
  • Agent and/or ORP
  • worker and their representative (if involved) - worker must be present
  • the employer (where appropriate).

A RTW case conference may be conducted via phone for regional claims.

Psychologist case conference

It may be appropriate for a Psychologist RTW case conference to be conducted with only the psychologist if the worker is not deemed well enough. In these circumstances, the RTW case conference should only be conducted by experienced Agent staff such as Agent mental injury specialists or psychologists or by ORs. Where the RTW case conference with psychologist is to be conducted without worker participation, it may be conducted by phone.

Arranging a RTW case conference

Below is the process for arranging a RTW case conference with a THP.

Step Agent action
Decide if a RTW case conference with THP/s is required

Determine whether a RTW case conference with THP/s is likely to progress a worker’s return to work. Factors to consider include:

  • the employer has suitable duties available but there is no confirmed RTW date
  • the worker is certified as fully unfit
  • a partial return to work is not progressing or is not sustainable
  • RTW barriers/psychosocial factors are present which might be addressed with a meeting with the worker and their THP.
Arrange THP/s RTW case conference

The Agent arranges an appointment for the RTW case conference with the THP/s and the worker (and the worker’s representative, if involved). The employer and other stakeholders may also be invited as appropriate.

The worker and THP/s must agree to participate in the RTW case conference. If the THP/s or worker declines to participate, the Agent should consider other strategies to meet the RTW goal.

The Agent facilitating the THP/s case conference is responsible for sending the RTW case conference standard conference topics letter to the worker and THP before the RTW case conference. This letter confirms the conference time, date and location, the purpose of the case conference and the topics for discussion. It also provides information to the THP/s on the payment code and amount to be invoiced and what WorkSafe will pay for the RTW case conference.

Conduct THP/s RTW conference

An agreed action plan should be verbally confirmed by conference participants before concluding the RTW case conference.

The Agent facilitating the RTW case conference documents the agreed action plan using the RTW Case Conference Action Plan standard letter. This letter is distributed to participants within five working days of the conference.

The Agent is still required to document and distribute the action plan regardless of who organises and coordinates the RTW case conference.

Post THP/s RTW case conference Record the RTW case conference outcome on Novus as a case note or contact. A copy of the completed RTW Case Conference Action Plan document can be saved on Novus.
RTW case conferences by Occupational Rehabilitation providers

Occupational Rehabilitation Providers (OR Occupational Rehabilitation providers) may also conduct and arrange RTW case conferences with treating practitioners to help facilitate RTW.

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