4.5.48 Spinal community integration service

Workers who sustain a spinal cord injury (SCI Spinal cord injury) have particular needs relating to their transition from hospital to the community. The Victorian Spinal Cord Service (Austin Health) offers a Spinal Community Integration Service (SCIS Spinal Community Integration Service) designed to meet the transition and community integration needs of individuals with a SCI.

Primary functions

The primary functions of the SCIS are to:

  • facilitate a worker’s transition from hospital and re-integration into the community and
  • provide a coordinated approach for workers with a SCI to receive trans-disciplinary support and education.

WorkSafe can pay the reasonable costs of a SCIS where required by a worker with a work-related An injury/disease is work related if it arose out of or in the course of employment and the scope of employment. SCI.

The SCIS commences when eligible workers receive inpatient treatment at either the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre or Caulfield Hospital and continues for 12 months post discharge into the community.

The SCIS is not a substitute for existing inpatient rehabilitation or community rehabilitation services. It is a specialised service that aims to increase independence, self-management and integration in the community after a SCI.


See: Policy for Spinal Community Integration Service

The policy provides guidelines about:

  • who can provide the Spinal Community Integration Service
  • what costs will be paid for
  • definitions.

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