4.5.34 Pharmacy Pharmacy providers | Assess pharmacy requests & invoices | Erectile dysfunction medication | Drugs of dependence | Sedatives

WorkSafe can pay the reasonable costs of medication and other pharmacy items required as a result of a work-related An injury/disease is work related if it arose out of or in the course of employment and the scope of employment. injury or illness.

Medications and pharmacy items must be requested by:

  • registered medical practitioners or
  • registered dentists and
  • provided by pharmacists that are registered with WorkSafe or the Pharmacy Board of Australia to provide pharmacy services

WorkSafe can pay for the reasonable costs of a medical and like expense where a worker is entitled to provisional payments on a claimed mental injury.

See: 6.5 Provisional payments for a mental injury


Refer to Pharmacy policy including information about:

  • what medications can be paid for
  • PBS and non-PBS medication
  • complimentary medication
  • over the counter items
  • how a worker is reimbursed

See: Cost of services | Information for service providers

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