Pre-approved repairs

Pre-approved repairs (PARO)

Repairs up to a set value and number of instances for a piece of high-cost equipment may be pre-approved by WorkSafe by way of a Pre-Approved Repair Order (PARO), enabling the worker to contact the equipment supplier directly to arrange repair.

A PARO will only apply to high cost equipment purchased directly by the WorkSafe Equipment Purchasing Team or the WorkSafe Agents.

The purpose of PARO is to minimise the administration required, between WorkSafe, the worker and the equipment provider and to ensure the timely repair of essential equipment.

What repairs are covered by PARO?

A PARO can only be arranged for the following high cost equipment:

  • Electric bed
  • Electric hoist
  • Powered scooter
  • Powered wheelchair
  • Manual wheelchair
  • Commodes
  • Room temperature control units
  • Alternating air pressure care mattress
  • Feed pump
  • Respiratory - ventilator & suction unit

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When is PARO applicable?

A PARO can only be used to pre-approve the following services in relation to an individual item of high-cost equipment:

  • repairs up to the value of $1,000 per repair
  • two repairs per year for the first two years of the life of the equipment
  • three repairs per year for every year after that.
PARO Requirements

As of 1 October 2018 it is a requirement that a PARO must be established in relation to each individual item of high-cost equipment listed below provided by WorkSafe or WorkSafe's Agents, establishing:

  • The item description including the item code
  • The number of pre-approed repairs
  • The value of repairs that are pre-approved and
  • The date that the PARO expires.

Each PARO must have a maximum duration of three years and must be reviewed and considered for renewal upon expiry.

This PARO Information must be communicated to the worker and stored on the worker's file.

A separate PARO is provided for each item of high cost equipment. I.e. If an injured worker has two or more items of high cost equipment they are eligible for a separate PARO for each item.

Repairs outside a PARO

If the cost of the repair exceeds $1,000 or the repair exceeds the limit of the number of services set by the PARO, the equipment supplier must submit a quote to the WorkSafe Agent for approval prior to undertaking any works.

A PARO will be cancelled if the worker no longer has the equipment or is deceased.

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