Small stock items under $200

Follow these steps when small stock items under $200 is requested.

When a small stock item is requested Agent action
Via a written request
  • instruct the therapist to either supply the worker directly with the small stock item or
  • refer the request to WorkSafe’s contracted equipment suppliers
  • note the approval on file
Via a verbal request (must be noted on file)
Via an invoice (without prior request)
  • send to accounts processing team for payment
  • return invoice to provider if it does not relate to the compensable claim
  • note the approval on file
Exclusions Agent action
Ergonomic equipment for the workplace, home exercise equipment, clothing and footwear
Consumables used during a THP consultation such as tape, ultrasound gel, dry needles and wax therapy
Items not on the small stock items list

See: Small Stock Items List in the Equipment and related services policy.

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