Determine urgency of request

If liability is accepted for equipment, determine the urgency of the request considering the following points and the 'urgency table' below:


  • mobility and safety requirements
  • any customisation requirements
Urgency level Equipment delivery timeframes Definition and examples

Level 1

Emergency Supply

within 8 business hours* of receipt A worker’s mobility or safety is at risk requiring urgent equipment service or supply, eg for respiratory or mobility items.

Level 2

Urgent Supply

within 8-16 business hours* A worker’s mobility, hygiene (bathing or toileting) or pain management is compromised but there is no safety risk.

Level 3

Regular/Non-urgent Supply

within 3-10 business days of receipt Equipment is required to enhance a worker’s rehabilitation or independence.

Level 4

Customised or Specialist Equipment Supply

within 3 business days of receipt The equipment requires customisation via particular specifications or enhancements.

* Note: Business hours refers to 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

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