Processing requests from contracted equipment suppliers

Step Agent action
Review request

Consider whether any liability issues exist and whether there is sufficient information to make a decision.

Note: Urgent requests for equipment should be reviewed immediately upon receipt of the request.

Further information or assistance required

Where further information is required, this may be obtained by:

  • a written request for further information to the THP
  • a phone call to the THP or worker
  • an Independent Medical Examination (IME)
  • an assessment by a suitably qualified person (eg an OT).
Determine liability within 10 working days

Refer to:

  • the Equipment & Related Services Policy for guidelines about what the Agent can and cannot pay for, including requirements for clinical justification

See: Costs WorkSafe pays | Reasonable costs

Notifying of decision
  • record the decision
  • send a letter to the worker (within 10 working days of receipt of the request/additional information) advising them of the decision
  • cc to requesting THP and prescribing therapist

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