Types of requests for equipment & related services

Where requested items can be provided by contracted equipment suppliers
  • WorkSafe Contracted Supplier Equipment List
    The list includes: equipment supply (purchase), continence equipment and urology products, equipment hire, equipment trials, equipment repairs and maintenance, equipment retrieval (only for high cost equipment), installation, transport.
  • can be ordered by Agent directly - see: Processing requests from contracted equipment suppliers
Where requested items are small stock (less than $200)

See: Small stock items under $200

Where equipment requested is to be hired
  • for >4 weeks it is recommended to purchase the equipment if its total cost is less than $200
  • if total cost is >$200, consider contacting equipment supplier to discuss cost/benefit over purchase vs hire
Where requested items are not on the contracted supplier equipment list

Agent Process

Follow these steps when requested items are not on the Contracted Supplier Equipment List.

Step Agent action
Review request
  • THP should be contacted to determine whether the non-listed item is clinically justified
  • if THP provides justification, refer the request to the Equipment team
  • the Equipment team will then review whether the item can be substituted with an item available on the Equipment List.
Item may be substituted

If item may be substituted with a listed item:

  • the Equipment team will notify the Agent of a substitute item on the Contracted Supplier Equipment List
  • the Agent may then approve the substitute or contact the THP to discuss
  • the Agent then forwards an EOF through to the contracted supplier.

See: Complete equipment order form

Item cannot be substituted If the item cannot be substituted the Health Funding & Analysis team will place an order item via a non-contracted supplier.
Hospital direct order form is received Where hospital direct order form is received refer to Hospital direct orders.
Items not provided by contracted equipment suppliers or the Equipment team

For these items the provider must be WorkSafe registered and approved and standard Agent approval processes to be followed.

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