WorkSafe will not pay for

Maintenance, repairs or replacement of worn or damaged equipment

Where equipment has worn as a result of normal use over a reasonable period of time, WorkSafe will consider paying for the maintenance, repairs or replacement of the equipment, with the exception of normal household items (such as beds, mattresses and chairs) if required by the worker.

Normal and essential household items

WorkSafe is not liable for the provision of normal and essential household items, as this is the worker’s responsibility. The worker is required to provide safe and appropriate household items for their everyday use.

Personal computers for income-earning ventures or additional hardware

Computers are not provided to a worker for an income-earning venture (self-employment), as any such venture would not be considered to be a WorkCover liability.

Items such as tablets, ipads, laptops, colour monitors, colour printers, modems, line rental, connection to the Internet, scanners, CD-ROMs are not to be approved.

Home exercise equipment

Home exercise equipment is equipment commonly found in gymnasiums which can be purchased or hired for use in the home. Examples of home exercise equipment are stationary exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines and weights.

WorkSafe considers it is more beneficial for exercise programs which require equipment to be performed in gymnasiums where the exercises are undertaken:

  • in a supervised and safe environment
  • using properly maintained equipment.

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