3.6.4 When a Preliminary Notice has not been received

Agents are under no obligation to deduct Centrelink payments if Centrelink has not issued a Preliminary Notice A preliminary notice is issued by Centrelink indicating that they have an interest in the worker referred to in the notice and may wish to recover an amount equal to all or part of the amount payable. This notice places an obligation on WorkSafe/Agent to notify Centrelink prior to releasing any weekly payments to the worker. WorkSafe/Agent is to advise Centrelink within seven calendar days of accepting liability for weekly compensation or receiving the notice if liability has been already been accepted, whichever is the later.. Agents should make payments to the worker as soon as reasonably practicable, to comply with legislative payment timeframes.

Agents should only proceed with obtaining Centrelink clearance in the absence of a Preliminary notice prior to paying the worker where the worker has confirmed that they were in receipt of compensation affected payments either recently, or during the period for which the worker is to be paid.

A list of compensation affected payments can be found here.