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3.5.7 Workers attending THP appointments during work hours

Where a worker has a current work capacity (fit for full time normal or alternative duties), and a worker takes time off work to attend a THPTreating Health Practitioner appointment:

  • WorkSafe's preference is that workers attend THP appointments outside of work hours, where possible.
  • If the appointment is during work hours, compensation is only payable for the time taken off to attend a THP where:
  • the time off is covered by a certificate of capacity, and
  • the time taken to visit the THP is reasonable.

For example Closedwhere a worker takes off a full 8-hour working day to attend a regular appointment with their local GP, it would not be considered reasonable for the 8 hours to be payable, even if the worker is certified unfit for the whole day as per their certificate of capacity, unless the worker can provide evidence to the contrary.

  • If a worker obtains an attendance certificate from their THP, compensation will not be payable for the time off work, however, the worker may be able to receive the time off as sick leave, depending on their work arrangements.

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