2.7 Independent medical examinations & reports

2.7.1 THP reports | 2.7.2 Independent medical examiners (IMEs) | 2.7.3 Compliance | 2.7.4 Standards & complaints | 2.7.5 Complaints against IMEs | 2.7.6 Cost of independent medical examinations

This section covers THP reports and independent medical examinations.

THP report

A report from a THP can help to:

  • determine a worker’s eligibility for initial or ongoing entitlements
  • review an worker’s ongoing medical and health services and
  • manage a worker’s rehabilitation and return to work.
Independent medical examination

A report from an IME Independent Medical Examiner / Independent Medical Examination can help to:

  • resolve identified medical or treatment issues adversely impacting claims or RTW Return to Work management
  • determine medical, treatment and claims liability and entitlement issues.

An IME provides a medical opinion in their report that is evidence based and not influenced by the person who has arranged the examination or any other party including a worker or employer.

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