2.6.6 Social media

WorkSafe may collect information from social media or any form of electronic source material available on the internet.

The WorkSafe Privacy Policy states that its Agents and contracted service providers are bound by Victoria’s privacy laws when handling personal and health information. WorkSafe seeks to ensure that its Agents and service providers do not use dishonest or illegal means to obtain information from an electronic source, including any database or social media.

Agents and service provider must:

  • not cause any unauthorised access or modification of restricted data held in a computer (ie hacking)
  • not attempt to circumvent privacy settings
  • not create false profiles or accounts in order to entrap or mislead a subject of an investigation, such as by sending 'friendship requests' or private messages
  • not request family, friends, colleagues or any other third party to gain access to a private account on their behalf or otherwise using the social media accounts of such people to gain access and
  • only collect material from social media where that information is publicly available and relevant.

WorkSafe also requires its Agents and service providers to keep records of all activity relating to the capture, access, storage or transfer of digital evidence so as to ensure the integrity of that evidence. Records of how, when and from where the information was obtained must be kept, particularly where the information may be used for evidence or prosecution. These records should include the following:

  • a statement from the Agent who obtained it, confirming how the information was captured
  • a snapshot of screen, snip or print to Adobe recording the date time and place.

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