2.5.7 Further or continuing injuries

Claims must be classified as one of the following:

  • a new injury
  • a continuation of a prior injury or
  • a further injury, such as recurrences and aggravations.

See: Define an injury | Further injuries | Differences between a continuation of a prior injury & further injuries

If the claim is a new or further injury:

  • register it as another claim and create a new file
  • further injury, the Agent:
  • records the date of the recurrence or aggravation as the date of injury, not the original injury date and
  • cross references the original claim file and the further injury claim file.

If the claim is a continuing injury:

  • use the existing claim and
  • closed - reopen it.

If it is determined that the claim is a continuing injury from a previous employer not managed by the Agent, the current employer’s Agent is to:

  • contact the other Agent and discuss the claim including obtaining agreement with regard to the ongoing management of the claim
  • copy all documentation about the continuing injury and send to Agent
  • keep copies of all documents on file in case a decision is questioned.

The managing Agent of the original claim should continue to manage the claim.

Where a dispute arises as to which Agent is to manage the claim, Agents are to implement the Agent/Agent dispute process.

See: Claims with multiple employers

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