Seeking a decision review
If you are:
  • Seeking for an inspector’s decision to be changed (i.e. challenging the merits of the inspector’s decision)

You must fill out Section A & C of the form.

If you wish to have more than one decision reviewed (eg. multiple notices), you need to fill out Section C for each relevant decision.

The following decisions are reviewable:
  • Issue of an improvement notice
  • Issue of a prohibition notice
  • Issue of a non-disturbance notice
  • Decision to affirm or cancel a provisional improvement notice
  • Determination of unresolved particulars concerning designated work groups
  • Appointment of a person to conduct an election of health and safety representatives
  • Determination that there was reasonable cause for employees to be concerned for their health and safety
  • Certification that matters on a prohibition notice have been remedied
  • Certification that matters giving rise to a cease activity direction have been remedied
  • Refusal to make any of the above decisions